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Doxygen XML to DokuWiki XLS transformation

Doxygen is a great tool that properly used can save significant amount of time during software development. Doxygen can process data using limited number of output formats. Thankfully it can generate XML output that can be converted into any format.

I am using XSLT to generate dokuwiki page.

Step 1: Build Doxygen XML files

I like to use doxywizard.

Step 2: Merge XML files into single one

msxsl.exe ./xml/index.xml ./xml/combine.xslt -o ./xml/combined.xml

Step 3: Build DokuWiki textfiles

msxsl.exe ./xml/combined.xml transform.xsl -o wikipage.txt

Step 4: Copy DokuWiki files

To the dokuwiki pages directory.



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